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The Rock 2011 Season

The Rock 2011 Season

April 19, 2011 - The Rock schedule for the 2011 season is outstanding. The first major home game is on Thursday May 19 against Salta, Argentina for the Amerigo Vespucci Trophy, inaugurated this year as a Challenge competition between the Canadian and Argentinian Provincial Champions or their designates. The Rock won the Canadian Rugby Championship in 2010 and Salta, semi-finalists in the Argentina Provincial Championships, will represent Argentina.

As preparation for this game the Rock will travel to Victoria and play Canada Selects on Friday May 13, providing the Rock players an opportunity to stake their claims for the Rugby World Cup, to be played in New Zealand in September and October 2011. On Saturday May 14 The Rock will be hosted by the famous James Bay club, who will celebrate their 125th anniversary. A squad of 30 players will travel.  

Cross Keys, a Division one Wales team, will tour Newfoundland, and play the Swilers on Tuesday May 31 and The Rock on Friday June 3. This famous club have hosted The Rock each of the last 2 years and won in excellent games. In June and July an Atlantic league at senior and U20 levels will be initiated, with Newfoundland hosting Nova Scotia on June 11, Quebec on July 1 and New Brunswick on July 15. Away games will be against Nova Scotia on June17, New Brunswick on June 19 and Quebec on June 25. At U20 level an Eastern Final between the Atlantic winners will be away to the Ontario winners on July 23.

The format of the Canadian Rugby Championships has been altered to provide more games, and will be a 6 Nations league format, without a final. Each team will play 5 games, up from 3, with The Rock playing at home to Ontario on Sat August 20 and BC on Saturday August 27. Away games will be against BC on July 30, Prairies on August 2 and Ontario on September 3.


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