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Rock vs Wolf Pack

Rock vs Wolf Pack

The Rock had one of it’s best victories ever when overcoming adversity against the Prairies Wolf Pack last Tuesday ,winning by 28-9. The starting team was very depleted.

In addition to not having the 4 players going to the RWC (Frank Walsh, Jebb Sinclair, Chauncey OToole and Ciaran Hearn ) we were without Ken Goodland, Tyler Wish, Patrick Parfrey, Sean Oleary, Chris Burt, Morgan Lovell and Simon Pacey.

Furthermore Rod Snow was injured in the warm-up and was unable to run while on the field, Peter Densmore ruptured a biceps tendon and was unable to play the second half and Geoff Warden pulled a groin muscle. Nonetheless the less experienced players played really well.

Consequently the team was delighted with their performance.

For the record the team that finished the game was substantially different from the team that played Salta:

Phil Alcock, Owen Parfrey, Steve Cutliffe

Brad Lester, Jon Phelan

Tony Wodzicki, Kevin Parfrey, Kyle Baillie

Adam Paul, Dean Blanks

Yannick Fortin, Robert Wilson, Shane Stratton, Rob Turk

Phil Mack

We will play Ontario at home on Saturday August 20th and have a revenge game v BC on Saturday August 27th.

With our squad diminished by injury and Ontario ahead in the standings, with a full squad unaffected by RWC call-ups, it is no surprise that Ontario will be strong favorites.

However I think this young squad will be up for the game and are very fit.


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