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Rock Loose to James Bay

May 14th - 2011 - Rock loose to James Bay

In thier second game of their Victoria pre season camp the Rock lost to James Bay 48-38 in a very entertaining contest.The Rock started the 13 players who had not started in the Canada Selects win on the previous day,and the played well ,scoring 5 tries .However the James Bay team SCORED 21 points in the first 20 mins,an advantage the Rock were unable to negate despite some fine offensive work.

"Our defence was not good nor was our scrummge,but Jason  Picco was outstanding at centre and good displays were provided by Simon Pacey and Adam Paul at half back" commented Simon Blanks ,the Rock coach.

Rock scorers were Jason Picco 2 tries ,one try each by Rob Wilson,Kevin Parfrey,and Andy Nyenhuis,with a penalty and 3 converts by Adam Paul,and 2 converts by Dean Blanks.

The Rock team was Steve Cutliffe, Chris Sayler, Phil Alcock, Jon Phelan, Brad Lester, Sean OLeary, Toni Wodzicki, Justin Meyers, Andy Nyenhuis, Adam Paul, Simon Pacey, Brent Rowney, Jason Picco, Rob Turk, Hosam Mobarak, Morgan Lovell

The Rock will play Salta Province Argentina in the Argetina Canada Challenge on Thurs May 19 at the Swilers Rugby Complex at 6pm.


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