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LANGFORD, BC - Duncan, BC standout Pat Kay produced a flawless 20-point kicking performance on Monday afternoon to lead the BC Bears to their first win of the 2013 Canadian Rugby Championship. The Canada Under-20 national team Captain was eight-for-eight through the uprights contributing four conversions, three penalties and a drop goal in the 40-18 victory over Quebec and Maritimes representatives The Rock.

Monday night's Bears squad were a completely revamped outfit from Friday night's loss to Ontario as speedsters Sean Ferguson (UBC Thunderbirds), Clayton Meeres (James Bay AA), Joe Dolesau (Burnaby Lake) and forwards substitute Luke Campbell (UVic Vikes) were each given plenty of space to record tries.

"We knew what was coming, we just couldn't stop it," said The Rock  head coach Simon Blanks after the game. "Pat Kay had the best game I've ever seen him play and I thought Adam Kleeberger was outstanding at the break down."

Kay opened the scoring with three straight penalties as the Bears jumped out to a 9-0 lead.

The Rock had an opportunity of their own for a quick three points but opted for a scrum inside the 22 and the ball was knocked on in the ensuing play.

The first try came in the 24th minute as BC inside centre Dolesau sprinted down the wing, shaking off several tacklers before off-loading to Ferguson who dotted down. Kay tacked on the conversion from way outside and the Bears were roaring at 16-0.

The Rock would pull one back in the 23rd minute after a full 15-man lineout forced BC to concede a penalty on their own five-metre line. Off the ensuing scrum the ball was spun wide and Rob Wilson (St Anne de Bellevue) went over to make it 5-16.

Kay sparked an offensive play in the 27th minute, slicing through the Rock for a 30-metre dash before offloading to Meeres who crashed over to make it 21-5. A conversion from Kay then put the hosts up 23-5.

Kay would tack on a drop goal in the 33rd minute and put his side up 26-5 at the half.

"During the break between games we focused a lot on our aggression and technique at the breakdown," said BC Bears head coach Jim Dixon when asked what the difference was between the Bears two Labour Day weekend matches. "We wanted a better platform to attack from and I think we achieved that today."

The second half opened with the Rock scoring a try as Zach Coughlan (Swilers RFC) finished off a well worked team try going over in the corner to make it 26-10. Wilson would then add another penalty in the 62nd minute to see the Rock closing in 26-13.

The final 15 minutes then featured three tries and it was BC's substitute Luke Campbell (UVic Vikes) who ran in a try in the 67th. Kay converted and it was 33-13.

As the clock wore out and The Rock shifted four forwards into the back line to deal with injuries, Toni Wodzicki (Balmy Beach) would barrel through for a score to make it 18-33.

The final play of the game featured an impressive display of pace and power as Dolesau handed off a tackler at the 22-metre line and sprinted under the posts for the final score. Kay had the final points as he kicked the conversion for the 40-18 win.

"I'm obviously very pleased to get the result and it's important that we got those four tries," added BC coach Dixon. "We've got lots to build on for our next game against Ontario but it was a great result."

BC will now gear up for their final games on the road as they take on the Ontario Blues in Lindsay on September 14th and then head to Edmonton to face the Prairie Wolf Pack on September 21st.

BC: Pat Kay 4 conversions, 3 penalties, 1 drop goal
Tries; Sean Ferguson, Joe Dolesau, Clayton Meeres, Luke Campbell

Rock: Tries: Rob Wilson, Toni Wodzicki, Zach Coughlan
Penalties: Wilson

BC Bears Roster
1. Anthony Luca (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
2. Andrew Lackner (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
3. Scott MacKay (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
4. Jim de Goede (James Bay AA)
5. Aaron Flagg (Abbotsford RFC)
6. Callum Morrison (Meraloma Rugby Club)
7. Adam Kleeberger (UVic Vikes)
8. Chris Chalmers (Abbotsford RFC)
9. Jonny Morris (Castaway Wanderers RFC)
10. Pat Kay (UVic Vikes)
11. Clayton Meeres (James Bay AA)
12. Steve Battie (Burnaby Lake)
13. Joe Dolesau (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
14. Evan Thomas (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
15. Sean Ferguson (UBC Thunderbirds)

16. Alex Boyd (Meraloma Rugby Club)
17. Ryan March (Abbotsford RFC)
18. Luke Campbell (UVic Vikes)
19. Admir Cejvanovic (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
20. Caleb Hansen (Vancouver Rowing Club)
21. Luke McCloskey (UVic Vikes)
22. Henry Recinos (Vancouver Rowing Club)
Bears Team Staff
Head Coach - Jim Dixon
Assistant Coach - Kenny Goodland
Manager - Hans de Goede
Athletic Therapist - Michelle Jones
Team Doctor - Dr. Don Hedges

The Rock Roster
1. Steve Cutcliffe (Dogs RFC)
2. Jordan Power (Dogs RFC)
3. Bob Rogers (Dogs RFC)
4. Toni Wodzicki (Balmy Beach RFC)
5. Mike Haycock (Ottawa Irish RFC)
6. Kevin Parfrey (Swilers RFC)
7. Matt Heaton (Ste. Anne de Bellevue RFC)
8. Kyle Baillie (St. Albert RFC)
9. Mike Simpson (Swilers RFC)
10. Patrick Parfrey (Swilers RFC)
11. Hayden Thomassin (Ste. Anne de Bellevue RFC)
12. Bryce Thomassin (Ste. Anne de Bellevue RFC)
13. Robert Wilson (c) (Swilers RFC)
14. Jason Picco (Baymen RFC)
15. Andrew Jamieson (Ste. Anne de Bellevue RFC)

16. Frank Walsh (Vandals RFC )
17. Owen Parfrey (Swilers RFC)
18. Justin Meyers (Swilers RFC)
19. Mike Holloway (Baymen RFC)
20. Grant Crowell (Valley Bulldogs RFC)
21. Zac Coughlan (Swilers RFC)
22. Ian Armour  (Windsor Machine RFC)

Head Coach: Simon Blanks
Coach: Les Gilson
Asst. Coach: Jack Hanratty
Team Physician: Dr. John Gillis
Videographer: Benvon Cramer
Strength and Conditioning: Bobber Thompson
Manager: Rick Graham Swilers RFC
Director of Rugby: Dr. Pat Parfrey Swilers RFC
Match Officials
Referee: Sherry Trumbull
Assistant Referee: Dave Smortchevsky
Assistant Referee: Nathan Abdelnour

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