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In a league that is structured in a round robin format, with the scoring system that the Canadian Rugby Championship uses, there is a good chance you will have an exciting, and sometimes confusing, finish.

With the close win by The Rock over the Wolf Pack and a win by the Ontario Blues over the Pacific Tyee, there are a number of different ways the MacTier Cup can play out this season.

Going into the final match of the season on Saturday, that sees the Ontario Blues travel to St. John’s, NL to take on The Rock, three teams are still in the hunt to capture the coveted trophy.

Currently, the Prairie Wolf Pack sit atop the standing with 16 points, followed closely by the Ontario Blues with 15 points and The Rock sit in third with 11 points. With only a few points separating all three teams, anything could happen and even a big win by The Rock could catapult them from 3rd to 1st.

With the Prairie Wolf Pack, Ontario Blues and The Rock all still hoping to finish the season on top, here is how each of the three teams could walk away with the MacTier Cup after the Ontario Blues vs. The Rock match on Saturday.

The Ontario Blues win if:

  • They defeat The Rock on Saturday.
  • They tie The Rock on Saturday.
  • They lose to The Rock but earn a bonus point, and The Rock do not earn a bonus point.

The Rock win if:

  • They defeat the Ontario Blues by a margin larger than 50 points, due to point differentials with the Wolf Pack*, and earn a bonus point.

The Wolfpack win if:

  • The Rock defeats the Ontario Blues by a margin less than 50 points, due to point differentials with the The Rock.

If The Rock win by exactly 50 points, then the winner will be determined by basis of difference in tries scored vs. tries against.

In the end, an Ontario Blues victory will seal the deal for the Blues and give them their second straight MacTier Cup. If The Rock win, however, it opens up possibilities where any of the three teams could take home the championship, depending on bonus points and the size of the margin of victory.

With a league that consistently delivers non-stop, unpredictable action, it is no surprise that the championship could come down to a crazy finish. Whether the Ontario Blues win, or The Rock wins, on Saturday, it is guaranteed that a MacTier Cup champion will be crowned and fans in St. John’s, NL will be treated to two teams that are hungry to hit the pitch.


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