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Rock vs BC

Rock vs BC

The Rock were beaten by the better team on Saturday by 43-19,by 6 tries to 2

On a very hot day the Rock turned the ball over 3 times between min 15 and 25 to go 21-6 down

Although they played valiantly thereafter and came within striking distance with 15 mins to go ,injuries to key players had an effect in the last 10 min, as Sean OLeary retired in the first half (bruised), as did Tyler Wish (concussion) at half, Patrick Parfrey (hamstring), Morgan Lovell (hamstring) and Robert Wilson (bruised) later in the second half

The team for the Tuesday's Prairies game is depleted by injury and will be

  1. Rod Snow
  2. Peter Desmore
  3. Phil Alcock
  4. Brad Lester
  5. Jon Phelan
  6. Justin Meyers
  7. Kevin Parfrey
  8. OwenParfrey
  9. Mike Simpson
  10. Dean Blanks
  11. Shane Stratton or Yannick Fortin
  12. Geoff Warden
  13. Robert Wilson
  14. Rob Turk
  15. Phillip Mack
  16. Steve Cutliffe
  17. Kyle Baillie
  18. Toni Wodzicki
  19. Zac Coughlan
  20. Adam Paul
  21. Shane Stratton or Yannick Fortin

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