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The Rock go West for the first two rounds of the Canadian Rugby Championship

The Rock go West for the first two rounds of the Canadian Rugby Championship

July 27, 2011 - The re-structured Canadian Rugby Championships will start this weekend with The Rock playing away to BC and Ontario away to the Prairies on Saturday July 30. The Rock will then play the Prairies on Tuesday August 2, and Ontario will visit BC.

The competition will comprise a league of 5 games for each team between July 30 and September 3, with the champion being the team on top of the league after September 3.

For the BC game, the 2010 Champions The Rock, will be without Ciaran Hearn, Chauncey O’Toole  and Jebb Sinclair (international duties), Ken Goodland (getting married), but  Frank Walsh will play just this game, before he joins the 2011 Rugby World Cup (RWC) squad.

“The challenge for the Rock this year will be to start replacing members of the sterling pack that has won 4 National Championships” commented Director Pat Parfrey.
“We anticipate good form from the younger group, including Chris Burt, Owen Parfrey, Toni Wodzicki and Zac Coughlan.”

The team is:

  1. Frank Walsh
  2. Peter Densmore
  3. Rod Snow
  4. Sean O’Leary
  5. Jon Phelan
  6. Toni Wodzicki
  7. Kevin Parfrey
  8. Zac Coughlan
  9. Morgan Williams
  10. Dean Blanks
  11. Rob Wilson
  12. Tyler Wish
  13. Geoff Warden
  14. Rob Turk
  15. Morgan Lovell
  16. Steve Cutliffe
  17. Owen Parfrey
  18. Chris Burt
  19. Justin Meyers
  20. Mike Simpson
  21. Patrick Parfrey
  22. Jason Picco

BC will have 4 members of the 2011 RWC squad including Ryan Hamilton, Adam Kleeberger, Nathan Hirayama and Conor Trainor, in addition to several other internationals including Luke Cudmore, Mike Burak and David Spicer.

The Rock team for the Prairies game will be finalized after the BC game, but work commitments demand Chris Burt, Sean O’Leary, Morgan Williams and Dean Blanks go home and Phil Alcock, Brad Lester, Adam Paul and Yannick Fortin come in.

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