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Rock Announce Squad for Canadian Rugby Championship

Rock Announce Squad for Canadian Rugby Championship

July 10, 2011 - The Rock have announced their senior squad of 30 players for the Canadian Rugby Championship and allied u20 squad of 12 players following completion of the Atlantic League and games between Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec. Frank Walsh, Jebb Sinclair, Chauncey O’Toole and Ciaran Hearn have been chosen for Canada’s Rugby World Cup squad and are not included.

“We have decided to choose 30 players for the senior squad plus 2 unprotected players because they have played well with us this year. Similarly we have chosen 12 players for the u20 squad plus 6 unprotected players because we feel the latter have potential for the future” commented the Rock Director of Rugby, Pat Parfrey.

“We intend to invite 3 u20s as members of our senior squad on our upcoming trip to the west: Patrick Parfrey, Kyle Baillie and Yannick Fortin, when we will play BC Bears on July 30 in Vancouver and the Prairie Wolf Pack on August 2 in Calgary.”  

The Senior Squad

Props: Rod Snow NL
            Chris Burt NL
            Phil Alcock NL
            Steve Cutliffe NL, previously PEI
            Jim Bang Que

Hookers: Peter Densmore captain NL
                 Owen Parfrey NL
                 Chris Sayler EORU *

2ND ROW: Brad Lester NL
                   Jon Phelan Que
                   Sean O’Leary NL
                   Andy Nyenhuis NB

Flankers: Kevin Parfrey NL
                  Toni Wodzicki Que
                  Justin Meyers NL
                  Ralph Byers NS

Number 8: Zac Coughlan NL
                    Ken Goodland NL

SH: Morgan Williams NS
       Mike Simpson NL
       Adam Paul NL

OH: Dean Blanks NL
       Patrick Parfrey NL

Centres: Tyler Wish co-captain NL
                 Geoff Warden NL
                 Jason Picco NL
                 Simon Pacey NB

Wings:  Rob Wilson NL
              Rob Turk EORU
              Grant Moffett NL
              Shane Stratton NL *

Full Back Morgan Lovell NL

U20 Squad

Props: Brandon Tennent Que
            Bob Rogers NL
            Alex Marshall NL

Hookers: Jordan Power NL
                  Kaylan Chapman Que*

2nd row: James Hamilton Que*

Flankers: Matt Heaton Que
                  MattO’Reilly NL
                  Seth Hickey NL*

No 8: Kyle Baillie PEI
          Matt Taylor NS

OH:  Yannick Fortin Que

Centres: Thomas Costanza Que
                 Kyle McGuirk NL*
                 Llyer Morris PEI*

Wings: Marc Bennett NL*
             Walker Blizzard NB

FB:  Patrick McNicolas NL

* UNPROTECTED     .    

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